Dr. Iti Samanta

Dr. Iti Samanta
Writer, Editor, Publisher, Director, Producer, Interviewer and Social Worker

Iti Samanta was born in a non-descript village Kalarabanka in Cuttack District of Odisha and went through the similar situation in her childhood like her elder brother Achyuta Samanta. She had a strong desire since her School days to become a writer. Situation in the family compelled her to pursue Engineering education. But her strong will power brought her from engineering to the field of literature and she completed her Post Graduation in Odia. She did her Master Degree in Mass Communication & Advanced Journalism also. Being a voracious reader of novels and magazines, Ms. Samanta dreamt to bring out a quality magazine in Odia language. Her dream came true when her brother, Dr. Samanta founded Kadambini Media Pvt. Ltd.

She shouldered the responsibility as the Director of this organisation to spread Art, Culture, Literature and Cinema through it. To begin with, she edited the family magazine, 'The Kadambini' which came out in the year 2000. 'The Kadambini' gave a new dimension to Odia magazines and created a history in Odia magazine world. In addition to editing, writing she managed to take out time for research. She did her Ph.D. in literature from Visva-Bharati Central University, Shantiniketan. She was also awarded as a fellow-scholar in literature from the Ministry of Culture, Govt. of India.

As a creative writer, her two anthologies of short stories titled 'Tathapi' (2001), 'Iti Tora Lipsa' (2012) and short story & film script 'Jhada Parara Surya O Krantidhara' (2017) and a novel 'Nirab Aalapa' (2013) have got wide reviews and appreciations. 'The Itibruti-1' & 'The Itibruti-2' are two separate volumes of collections of her editorials published in the 'The Kadambini'. A research oriented interview collections of eminent Odia writers on woman characters of their novels, titled 'Kathare Kathare Upanyasare Naricharitra': Part-1 (2011), Part-2 (2012) and a collection of interviews 'Kathabarta' (2017) are an unique endeavor of Dr. Iti Samanta. She has also edited a book of critical essays 'Charchare Chandrasekhar' (2012). She has compiled and edited two books on cooking 'Kadambini Aama Rosai': Part-1 (2007), Part-2 (2012) and Part-3 (2014).

She did not limit her activities in family magazine only. She also brought out 'The Kunikatha', a monthly magazine exclusively for children and involve herself in different social activities. She has proved her excellence by receiving many awards as a literary editor.

Iti Samanta ventured into visual medium and producer of the National & State award winning movie 'Kathantara' (2005), 'Krantidhara' (2015) and best tele film award winning short film 'Kahani Nuhen' (2013). She has been nominated to several prestigious committees as honorary member. She has also been regularly participating in many seminars, discussions, TV shows and Radio talks related to art, literature, women oriented issues and present social topics. She has turned the dream of the founder, Dr. Achyuta Samanta into reality by her continuous effort and dedication as the Director of Kadambini Media Pvt. Ltd. and successful editor of ‘The Kadambini’ & 'The Kunikatha'. She always comes up with innovative ideas and tries to implement the same through her brain child ‘The Kadambini’ & 'The Kunikatha'.    more