Audio/Video Productions

Kadambini Media Pvt. Ltd. has not limited itself to the literary work only. It has also thought of getting into the audio and audio-visual form of art. Sofar it has produced four audio albums in form of Cassettes and CDs. It has also picturised one of its popular albums into video.

Title Category Music
Kuhukanetra Bhajana Swarup Nayak
Kalameghua Beni Modern Abhijit Majumdar
Kemiti Bachhiba Jhia Modern Prem Anand
Karuna Sagar Bhajan Swarup Nayak
2. Video Album
Title Category Music
Kalameghua Beni Modern Babi Islam, Asish Nayak
3. Documentary/Short Fiction
Title Category Music
Kanyaaratna (25 min.) Educational Babi Islam, Asish Nayak
Chithi (20 min.) Educational
Aama Gaan Aama Pachaayata
(Episode I, II, III 25 min. each)