Functions & Awards

Kadambini Media Pvt. Ltd. has been established to achieve excellence in publication of magazines, books and production of audio, audiovisual programmes and films for upliftment of art, culture and literature. It has created a platform where the creative potential inherited in every individual can be realised. It has also provided space for eminent people in the field of art, literature, social service, education, media, administration and industries etc.

The prestigious ‘Kadambini Sammana’ is presented to an individual for his/her eye catching contribution in the field of art, literature, social service, education, media, administration and industries. The famous personalities who are honoured with ‘Kadambini Sammana’ include eminent actor Hemanta Das (2003), eminent singer Bhikari Charan Bal (2004), eminent writer Pandita Prabodh Kumar Mishra (2005), eminent writer and journalist Manorama Mohapatra (2006), eminent singer Raghunath Panigrahi (2007), eminent social activist Padmashree Dr. Tulasi Munda (2008), eminent writer and administrator Tarunakanti Mishra (2009), eminent actor and educationst Sarat Chandra Pujari (2010), eminent translator Shankarlal Purohit (2011), eminent musician Prafulla Kar (2012), the famous sambalpuri song “Rangabati…” (2013); written by Mitrabhanu Gountia, composed by Prabhudutta Pradhan and sung by Krishna Patel and Jitendra Haripal, eminent educationist & social worker Sruti Mohapatra (2014), eminent musician Shantanu Mohapatra (2015), eminent Odissi dancer Kumkum Mohanty (2016), eminent actor Uttam Mohanty (2017) and eminent social worker Sumani Jhodia (2018).

The Media selects a novelist in every 5 years and honours him in the anniversary function of its monthly magazine ‘The Kadambini’. In this occasion, the Media also honours the Best Story & Feature Writer and Poet of the year for their best contribution. An award is also given to the best model appeared in the cover page of ‘The Kadambini’. Cookery is not excluded from the award list. Every year a woman is presented an award for her achievement of excellence in cooking.

To encourage the young writers and poets ‘The Kadambini’ organises ‘Galpa Unmesha’ and ‘Kabya Unmesha’ wherein all the young writers/poets are requested to submit their own unpublished story and poem. Best stories and poets are awarded and those selected stories/ poems are published in ‘The Kadambini’.

Writer who regularly write their stories, articles for the ‘The Kunikatha’ a premier monthly children’s magazine are also awarded with ‘Kadambini Priya Lekhaka Samman’.

These awards create inspirations and competitive attitude of talents in different fields of literature, domestic affairs, fronts modelling and creativity in childhood. The Kadambini Media creates facilities for all other media to use it’s platform for inspiration, creation, contribution and getting appreciation and rewards for excellence. The media’s first creation appeared in shape of a monthly colourful magazine which stays apart for it’s look and content.

Children are the future of our country. In order to bring out hidden talents of children, Kadambini Media has created a space for children in November issue of ‘The Kadambini’ every year and awarded them with the ‘Sishu Pratibha Puraskara’.

In Orissa, Kadambini Media Pvt. Ltd. has created a possibility of gathering and interaction of writers, poets and readers. Every year it organises Kadambini Literary Festival inviting veterans from Orissa and outside to share their experience and to discuss on the various issues and trends with thousands of writers. This is a unique literary festival for writers and poets to revive memories, meet old friends and to create new friends. In this festival ‘Kadambini Sahitya Sammana’ is presented to eminent writers in recognition of their contribution to the field of literature. The ‘Kadambini Sahitya Sammana’ awardees are: Gayatri Basumalick & Kalpana Kumari Devi (2008), Mohapatra Nilamani Sahu & Kuntala Kumari Acharya (2009), Chandra Sekhar Rath & Binapani Mohanty (2010), Santanu Kumar Acharya (2011), Achyutananda Pati (2012), Ramakanta Rath (2013), Janaki Ballav Pattnaik (2014), Satakadi Hota (2015), Rajendra Kishore Panda (2016), Manoj Das (2017), Soubhagya Kumar Mishra (2018) and Satyabadi Rout (2019). This prestigious award contains cash prise of Rupees One Lakh, an emblem and a certificate.

From 2019 The Founder of ‘The Kadambini’ Dr. Achyuta Samanta established the prestigious ‘Nilimarani Sahitya Sammna (at National Level) in the memory of his great mother Smt. Nilimarani Samanta, who was an ordinary woman with extraordinary deeds. She was a holy mother, who brought up seven children alone amidst abject poverty after losing her husband in her forties. She never gave up hope and transmitted positive noble thoughts of education, honesty and humility to her children by fighting all adversity, facing criticism, keeping patience throughout her life. Her life was a reflection of the incessant struggle that numerous women put forward against the prevalent societal norms. This will be awarded to an individual for his/her contribution to Indian literature. The award carries a cash prize of Rupees Five Lakhs, an emblem and a certificate. The award will be presented each year in Kadambini Literature Festival. The award will be decided by an independent panel of jury. First ‘Nilimarani Sahitya Sammna-2019’ is presented to eminent writer Prof. Manoj Das.

Also ‘Kadambini Sampadaka Sammana’ is presented in this seminar to an individual Editor of a magazine every year in recognition of his/her lifetime contribution to editing of a magazine. This prestigious award contains citation and memento. The ‘Kadambini Sampadaka Sammana’ awardees are: editor of ‘Amrutayana’ Gita Hota (2012); editor of ‘Samaroha’ Sailarani Mishra (2013); editor of ‘Banichitra’ Parikshita Jena (2014); editor of ‘Sansara’ Anasuya Nanda (2015); editor of ‘Gokarnika’ Ramakanta Jena (2016), editor of ‘Istahara’ Nityananda Satapathy (2017), editor of ‘Satabhisa’ Sakuntala Baliyarsingh (2018) and editor of ‘Katha Katha Kabita Kabita’ Akshaya Behera (2019).

‘Kadambini Sahitya Sambardhana’ is presented in this literary festival to eminent personalities having dignified contribution in the field of literature and culture from the year 2016.

Apart from the above routine functions, Kadambini Media believes that magazines are the conservators of a Nation’s literary and cultural heritage. With this in view Kadambini Media in the year 2009 launched a unique programme ‘Kadambini Patrikaa Haata’ (unique & only magazine fair of the state) inaugurated by the Hon’ble Governor of Orissa Shri M.C. Bhandare. The idea was to facilitate the exhibition and sale of all the magazines of the state whether in print or out of print under one roof. Kadambini made all the arrangements from providing free space and food for the participants free of cost. Pleasantly surprising everybody the Haata become a huge success from the start itself. It has become an annual event of magazine display and sale. ‘The kadambini’ hosts the function and provides free space for stalls. A day long exhibition comprising of more than 500 participants goes on with enthusiastic feelings of all participants. It is highly appreciated by the illustrious personalities present on the occasion. This year a new category of publication, the souvenir of colleges is included to Patrikaa Hata. Then on, year after year we are organising the haata in the month of January coinciding with the Kadambini Literary Festival. Last year more than five hundred magazines participated in the haata. The success of the haata, where the editor gets a chance to interact with his readers directly has tempted the magazine owners of other states to participate in it. Their number is also rising every year.

In the second phase ‘Kabi O Kabita’ session is organised. In this session, the renowned poets from all over the spheres gather together and recite their own unpublished poems. The ‘Kabi O Kabita’ session of this Kadambini Literary Festival provides a scope to all the eminent poets to enlight the audiences about their own creativity as a poet.

Simultaneously, In the second session, ‘The Kunikatha’ a premier monthly childerens magazine organises ‘Kunakuni Mela’ (Children’s Fair) in state level among the school level students of Odisha. Wherein children’s from all over Odisha and outside the state also participate in this dance competition to showcase their talents in a group. This year ‘Kunakuni Nrutya Pratiyogita’ will be held on the same day of Kadambini Literary Festival from 3 PM to 6 PM on state level basis. It is a colourful entertainment program of music and dance performed by the school level students in group. The dancing groups are allowed to perform their talents in the form Classical Dance, Folk Dance and Dance form based on social message. Best three groups are awarded with cash prize and other participating groups are honoured with a consolidated amount and certificate. The main focus and aim of Kunakuni Mela is to encourage literature, song and dance among the young talents of the state and to recognise them.