Kadambini Patrika Hata

Kadambini Media believes that magazines are the conservators of a Nation’s literary and cultural heritage. With this in view Kadambini Media in the year 2009 launched a unique programme ‘Kadambini Patrikaa Haata’, an unique & only magazine fair of the state.

The idea was to facilitate the exhibition and sale of all the magazines of the state whether in print or out of print under one roof. Kadambini made all the arrangements from providing space to food for the participants free of cost. Pleasantly surprising everybody the haata become a huge success from the start itself. It has become an annual event of magazine display and sale. ‘The kadambini’ hosts the function and provides free space for stalls. A day long exhibition comprising of more than 500 participants goes on with enthusiastic feelings. It is highly appreciated by the illustrious personalities present on the occasion. We are organising the haata in the month of January coinciding with the ‘Kadambini Literary Festival’.This year a new category of publication, the souvenir of colleges is included to Patrikaa Hata.