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A vision for upliftment of Art, Culture & Literature

After establishing the world class university KIIT group of institutions and KISS, a free residential school housing 25,000 tribal children, Dr. Achyuta Samanta, a visionary, philanthropist & social activist with his youngest sister Dr. Iti Samanta, a promising writer & social worker, established Kadambini Media Pvt. Ltd. in July 2000 with an objective to showcase the rich cultural heritage of Odisha and facilitate its enrichment through literature, art and cinema. With an unparalleled commitment of the editor, Dr. Iti Samanta, monthly family magazine, ‘The Kadambini’, a fledgling bird in 2000, has now spread its wings far and wide and is targeting the sky as its limit. From a modest beginning as the publisher of a family magazine the Kadambini Media. has now become the cultural epicenter of Odisha. Apart from the publication of monthly ‘The Kadambini’, it has also ventured into other areas of art, literature and culture.

The Kadambini: ‘The Kadambini’ was founded in July 2000 by Dr. Achyuta Samanta. Under his patronage and guidance ‘The Kadambini’ was established to showcase art, literature and culture of Odisha. His youngest sister Dr. Iti Samanta, a writer, social worker & founder editor of the magazine is a woman with a dream. ‘The Kadambini’ is her brainchild through which she dreams of ushering in a creative renaissance of sorts in the state. ‘The Kadambini’ is the largest circulated (certified by ABC) monthly family magazine of Odisha with the largest readership. A comprehensive family magazine ‘The Kadambini’ has captured the mindscape of all sections of people of the state. It has also created it’s space in the heart of Odias residing in the country and abroad. This attractive monthly magazine with its broad content-mix and quality printing, caters to the taste of all cultured Odias regardless of age, gender and income level. ‘The Kadambini’ recipe of success is simple. It offers something for everyone. Every issue contains cover-features on topical social and cultural issues; life-style and fashion trends; movies and television; fiction, poetry, serial novels; Odia translations of classics from other languages; sports; health; beauty; cookery and household tips. The monthly magazine hits the stands with unfailing regularity on the 1st of every month. Apart from the regular issues ‘The Kadambini’ brings out four special issues every year. Each issue, be it regular or special is a keepsake — a glossy work of art with multicoloured layouts so beautiful that it catches attention of all section of readers. Needless to say, with so much going for it ‘The Kadambini’ provides the dream-vehicle for all to access the Odia cultural psyche.

The Kunikatha: A monthly magazine for the young Odia readers. Broad contents and eye catching layouts in the magazine are designed to inform and educate our future generation through amusement. With multicolour printing, beautiful sketches and photographs it offers stories, poems, jokes, cartoons, quizzes, G.K., topics on science, music, cinema, art and literature etc.

Book Publication: As a step towards fulfilling Kadambini Media’s commitment for literature, it has published / is publishing books with high literary value authored by eminent as well as young writers. The area of publication includes novels, stories, poetry, prose collection, feature collection, biography, autobiography, translations from other languages of eminent writers and Recipe Collection etc.

Kadambini Patrika Haata (The only magazine fair of the state): Through this unique programme, a platform is provided under one roof to publishers and editors of all the magazines of Odisha to exhibit and sell their publications. ‘Kadambini Patrikaa Haata’ was launched in 2009 and was inaugurated by Hon’ble Governor of Odisha Shri M.C. Bhandare. For the first time in the state of Odisha almost all magazines of different kinds participated in this function. It has become an annual event of magazine display and sale. ‘The kadambini’ hosts the function and provides free space for stalls.

Kadambini Literary Festival: The Kadambini, a propeller of societal change brings its literary extravaganza ‘The Kadambini Literary Festival’. An event that weaves the threads of emotions and craft, that contours of literary discussion. It is a congregation of literary personalities from remote corners of the state, elite mass residing in the metros, teenagers, students, thousands of writers and cultural enthusiasts under one platform for interaction and deliberation. Its single ambition has been to provide immortally reach Odia literature and culture a platform to flaunt its grandiloquent depth. This is a daylong function from 8 AM morning to 8 PM evening with a large number of audiences (around 7000). Year after year the participation is increasing and now it has become the Sahitya Kumbha of Odisha.

Nilimarani Sahitya Sammana: In the year 2019 founder of ‘The Kadambini’ Dr. Achyuta Samanta established the prestigious ‘Nilimarani Sahitya Sammna (at National Level) in the memory of his great mother Smt. Nilimarani Samanta, who was an ordinary woman with extraordinary deeds. She was a holy mother, who brought up seven children alone amidst abject poverty after losing her husband in her forties. She never gave up hope and transmitted positive noble thoughts of education, honesty and humility to her children by fighting all adversity, facing criticism, keeping patience throughout her life. Her life was a reflection of the incessant struggle that numerous women put forward against the prevalent societal norms. This will be awarded to an individual for his/her contribution to Indian literature. The award carries a cash prize of Rupees Five Lakhs, an emblem and a certificate. The award will be presented each year in Kadambini Literature Festival. The award is decided by an independent panel of jury.

Kadambini Sahitya Sammana: This prestigious award is presented to an eminent writer in recognition of his/her contribution to the field of literature. This year onwards the award will be presented to an eminent writer of the book written in Odia, which will be decided by an independent panel of jury. The award carries a cash prise of Rupees One Lakh, an emblem and a certificate.

Kadambini Sammana: This prestigious award is presented to an individual every year in recognition of his/her significant contribution to society in the field of art, literature, social service, education, administration and industries etc. The award carries citation, memento with cash component.

Film and Audio/Video Production: In order to promote cinematic art form and artists of calibre, the organisation has stepped into production of films. Its debut production ‘Kathantara’, directed by nationally acclaimed director Himanshu Khatua has participated in many international film festivals and has been hailed by one and all as a classic. It got National Award for Best Regional Film and State Awards for Best Feature Film, Best Direction, Best Story, Best Supporting Actor and Actress, Best Music, Best Cinematography and Best Audiography. The Kadambini Media’s second feature film ‘Krantidhara’ also participated in many international film festivals and was widely acclaimed. It also got State Award for Best Film, Best Story and Best Actress. Another short film by Kadambini Media ‘Kahani Nuhe’ was adjudged the Best Short Film at the 1st Odisha State Tele Film Award. Apart from these, the organisation is also producing documentaries, tele films, tele serials, music videos, reality shows, and many other entertaining programmes for different channels.

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